Scientists Discover Bugs With Sex

Tiny Bugs Are Having Sex On Your Face Right Now

Scientists have known the point of sex for years. Roger ferreira, a brazilian biologist published his findings in current biology, spent a good amount of time peeping on these insects as they mated. They were then asked to repeat the exercise six months later. There's got to be something going on in your head to cheat.

What Can Ants, Bees, And Other Social Insects Teach Us About Aging

Scientists crack the genetic code of an organism that causes millions of sexually transmitted infections a year. So far appears no videos have been leaked on internet.

Nature's Nether Regions

Humans have ancient fish to thank for modern sexual intercourse.

Awesome Ears

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Scientists Discover The First Known Case Of Sex

Humans are weird, especially many scientists, who lose touch with reality. Several new insect species with sex roles reversed have been discovered and might give clues about evolution.

Praying Mantis Mating And Cannibalism

Scientists have discovered the origins of sex, and like anyones first time it sounds pretty awkward. I find cheating appalling, said coleman. Scientists discover those with gene are twice as likely to have one-night stands.